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3/31/2020 | 1:23 am

Pentecoste Tournament

Info for friday

Free class:
Everyone is allowed to play in the free class, both active handball players and hobby players.

Hobby class:
This class is only for hobby players without player's license apart from male players over 40 years and female players.

Age-group of youth

for the season 2013/14
U18: 1995 / 96
U16: 1997 / 98
U14: 1999 / 00
U12: 2001 / 02
U12: 2003 / 04


Registration form

You are engaging registered for the handball tournament on pentcoste 2012 by filling out this form.

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Matchday   Division Number
Friday, 17th of may 2013 Free class

Hobby class

Saturday, 18th of may 2013 Women

Men U18

Women U18

Women U16

Sunday, 19th of may 2013 Men

Men U16

Monday, 20th of may 2013 Men U14

Men U12

U10, mixed

Women U14

Women U12


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